Monday, June 18, 2012

Preparing for work permit process

By Jadiann Thompson


Thousands in Arizona will be able to apply for work permits after President Obama announced changes to the immigration policy Friday and people in the Valley are trying to get a head start preparing.

CBS 5 News sat down exclusively with two young men in Mesa Saturday to see the process they are going through to apply for the work permits.

19-year-old Manuel Palomino and 23-year-old Rene Mendez did not waste any time.

"It's just a page they opened up yesterday," said Palomino as he showed us how he is staying informed using the ICE web site. "You should take it seriously if it's an opportunity as big as this, take advantage of it and try to do everything right."

"I'm gathering everything I've had since elementary all the way to my two years in community college," said Mendez.

Proof they graduated high school and have no criminal record are just among some of the qualifications they must meet. In addition to collecting their own records, Palomino and Mendez looked up Robert McDonald Jr. with Arizona Notary Services.

"Last night I got a call from Rene and Manuel," said McDonald.

McDonald said he spent hours with attorneys and found a way to draft an affidavit that combines all the qualifications into a one-page document.

McDonald said he does the paperwork and brings the affidavit to your door for $50.

"I act in a very ethical manner and I try to ensure that these affidavits are done in that matter as well," McDonald said.

Palomino and Mendez said they want their proactive work to pay off when the application process opens and want to do everything they can to be prepared.

According to the ICE web page, a hotline will open for questions Monday and the application process will open within 60 days of the date of the announcement.

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