Thursday, February 9, 2012

Border agent blows the whistle:

Are smuggler tunnels beneath this tranquil border park?

 Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano was giving her State of the Department address January 30, Zachary Taylor was building courage to 'blow the whistle' about  how dangerous the Obama adminstration's border policy is. Taylor stepped into the public arena for an interview with Glenn Beck. Much of that interview is available free on the web site of "The Blaze." Here are some highlights.

Zachary Taylor, a former and longtime border agent, first wants the public to recognize that, based on his first-hand knowledge of the facts, the dominant media narrative is false. He says, “The main problem is that the American press is working in conjunction with the administration to keep the facts about what is happening in Mexico and Central America a secret. They are hiding it in plain sight; deception I would call it.”

He addresses a subject mentioned late last year in the Greeley Gazette; the cartels increasing their political influence by installing their candidates into Mexico's state and national governments. Taylor put it this way, “Mexico has an insurgency on its hands — that is exactly what the problem is — and America will have the same problem as it makes it easier to get across the border.”

Taylor explained that drug cartel activity and terrorist activity are both international. This means that groups from around the world have become involved. Specifically he points to the known relationship between cartel tunnels used for smuggling and Shia militant group Hezabollah. The evidence, he points out, is seen in a world-wide video broadcast on MEMRI.TV in which Muslim cleric, Abdullah al-Nafisi, explains that there is no need for airplanes and planning, one man with the courage to carry a suitcase of anthrax through the tunnels from Mexico to the United States could kill 330,000 Americans in one hour.

Note: As of today February 09, 2012, the video was still available on the web with English sub-titles.

Taylor said that Hezbollah is allying with the drug and alien smuggling operations at the border to help finance  operations in the Middle East. And he believes that in the event of hostilities with Hezbollah’s benefactor — Iran — those networks could help make America’s WMD nightmare come true. “Get them close enough and effective enough, they [Hezbollah] could smuggle a Weapon of Mass Destruction into the United States,” he assured Glenn Beck.

Interagency turf wars have been well-documented by other federal whistle blowers. The rivalry between other Departments such as Interior's Bureau of Land Management and the Border Patrol was also brought to light last fall when the Gazette reported that, according to agents in Arizona, Border Patrol agents were not permitted to enter those sections of the border under the jurisdiction of the BLM. Taylor pointed out the event when agents are in pursuit of suspected illegals, they can not continue pursuit into BLM jurisdiction without first obtaining authorization. As some of these preserves — which fall under the Department of the Interior — can stretch for nearly a hundred miles from the border, they are basically a smuggler’s paradise.

It is this type of policy that causes Taylor to believe, "The Obama administration is engaged in efforts to bureaucratically subvert border security for political gain."

But, Taylor says, it is not just the border with Mexico where the U.S. is facing increasing risks.

He reports, "...the Obama Administration is intentionally making it easier to illegally cross the northern border through bureaucratic obstacles.

The National Forest Service, (Department of the Interior) does not allow unfettered access to Border Agents, and DHS is ceasing many transportation checkpoints along the border with Canada."

According to an email update from "The Blaze," when asked how this state of affairs could continue, or even be allowed to worsen, Taylor summarized his case bluntly. “This administration is trying to facilitate the entry of illegal aliens into the United States.”


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