Friday, December 16, 2011

Relative of El Chapo Guzman murdered in Sinaloa

The bodies of two male murder victims were found Thursday morning in the small community of Aguaruto located in the municipality of Culiacan on the highway to the neighboring city of Navolato.

Both men had been executed elsewhere before their bodies were dumped in Aguaruto.

The Sinaloa Attorney General's office identified the men as Juan Guzmán Rocha "El Juancho" , reported to be either a first cousin or nephew of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and José Miguel Bastidas Manjarrez "El Guero Bastidas", reported to be a member of Los Antrax, a group of Sinaloa cartel hit men.

Guzman Rocha may be the same person named: FIRST NAME UNKNOWN, LAST NAME UNKNOWN, a/k/a "Juancho" in the same indictment under which Vicente Zambada Niebla "El Vicentillo" is being prosecuted in a Chicago federal district court. 

The last killing of an important Sinaloa cartel member, Pancho Arce, by rival gangsters this past October set off a wave of violence in Culiacan. Los Zetas have taken credit in "narco" banners for heating up the plaza in Chapo Guzman's territory.

At midnight Wednesday authorities located the severely beaten and bullet riddled body of Esaú Alfredo Vázquez Navarro, a prosecutor with the federal Attorney General's office for the northern Sinaloan municipality of Los Mochis, at the entrance to the municipal cemetery in the city of Navolato.

Vázquez Navarro and his wife had been abducted last Saturday in the city of Culiacan. His wife was released several hours after the kidnapping.

No motive for the prosecutor's abduction and killing were given by the authorities
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