Saturday, November 12, 2011

The FBI–the REAL Fast and Furious conspirator?

By Doug Book, staff writer
Ten months of congressional investigation,  document dumps and following leads provided by ATF whistle blowers have led many to conclude that the real villains of Operation Fast and Furious were the Department of Justice led agents of Director Robert Mueller’s FBI.

Since whistle blowing Alcohol,  Tobacco and Firearms Agent John Dodson first brought the Fast and Furious scandal to the attention of Senator Charles Grassley,  blame for the gun trafficking scheme has been directed at the ATF from operatives throughout the Obama Administration.

But during the criminal doings of Fast and Furious,  the ATF was often played for a stooge and patsy while Department of Justice attorneys employed the FBI for the more secretive and dirty jobs.
For instance:

Many of the cartel  ”higher-ups”  targeted by the ATF were already acting as paid informants in the employ of the FBI. As such,  they were immune from prosecution. At least 6 are known to have existed.

ATF Agent Hope McAllister told Lone Wolf gun store owner Andre Howard he would need to increase his inventory as sales of AK and AR weapons were about to boom. She received this information through the FBI which financed the purchase of at least hundreds,  perhaps thousands of weapons by funding drug cartel straw purchasers with taxpayer dollars.

The FBI illegally approved the NICS background checks of KNOWN straw buyers and felons for the purchase of hundreds of firearms.  Jacob Wayne Chambers and Sean Christopher Stewart, both convicted felons from Phoenix, bought over 360 firearms between them. 

The FBI conducted the investigation at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death. Five suspects were involved,  but only 2 weapons were claimed by the FBI to have been found.  A third weapon has since disappeared.

Three suspects arrested at the Terry murder scene were released from FBI custody and deported to Mexico. They were not charged in the agent’s death although Manuel Osorio-Arellanes,  the lone illegal charged with the crime said they were all armed and traveling with him. Apparently the Obama Administration refuses to deport anyone but possibly well informed,  Fast and Furious  accessories to murder.

The FBI was in on Fast and Furious from the very beginning.  FBI Director Robert Mueller was one of the principle invitees to the October 26th,  2009 Southwest Border Strategy Group meeting held at the Main RFK building. He was invited by then Deputy Attorney General and DOJ number 2 man David Ogden.
It was there that Operation Fast and Furious was put into motion.

For 10 months the FBI has been able to avoid scrutiny,  hiding behind the ongoing investigation into the death of Brian Terry. But on October 20th,  Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley at last began pressing Robert Mueller and the FBI for answers about Terry’s death,  weapons suddenly vanished from the scene and forensic evidence thus far withheld from congress and the public. Mueller has this and a great deal more to explain to the American people.

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