Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some heavy accusations against BATFE

Whether or not you are supportive of Barack Obama’s handling of the presidency, you need to know he could be in serious trouble, and that it relates to his anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment agenda. 

By: Roger Wiltz, The Daily Republic

Whether or not you are supportive of Barack Obama’s handling of the presidency, you need to know he could be in serious trouble, and that it relates to his anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment agenda.

The Obama administration wants us to believe that 90 percent of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels came from American gun stores, specifically those of the border states of Texas and Arizona. This would supposedly prove that more gun control is needed in America.''

In order to prove the Obama administration’s theory, BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives) developed an operation called “Fast and Furious.” Fast and Furious was a part of BATFE’s already established $80 million “Project Gunrunner.” Most Americans were unaware of BATFE’s Fast and Furious activity until CBS News aired correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s expose of BATFE’s activity on our southern border.

The unfortunate shooting death of U.S. Border patrol agent Brian Terry in a remote canyon near Nogales, Ariz., also brought this matter to national attention as Terry was supposedly killed with a weapon seized at the Nogales scene by BATFE agents.

Other than the Terry affair, Project Gunrunner was the subject of two Justice Department reports that concluded the project was a waste of taxpayer money as it had produced no major takedowns. How did the BAFTE project supposedly work, and what are the Obama implications?

According to BAFTE reports, thousands of firearms were easily and illegally “walked” across the border into Mexico. The idea was that after a murderous carnage, BATFE agents could pick up the guns and trace them back to border state licensed dealers where BATFE agents had arranged and monitored the illegal purchases and transportation in the first place. Did BATFE agents receive orders from Attorney General Eric Holder’s minions, and was Holder ordered to do so by President Obama?

The CBS report revealed that not all BATFE agents were in on the operation. When these agents told their superiors about the gun traffic, they were ignored or told to keep quiet. The U.S. firearms dealers who suspected the illegal activity and reported the purchases to BATFE were also told that everything was all right. CBS taped interviews of BATFE agents who were not in on the operation.

Congress is now attempting to determine the extent of the Obama White House and The Justice Department’s complicity in the BATFE’s guns to Mexico smuggling scheme code named “Operation Fast and Furious.” Thus far, Holder has attempted to block all efforts to get at the truth.

All of the information I have presented today came from the July 2011 issue of American Hunter, a National Rifle Association publication. The NRA is no fan of President Obama. In fact, the NRA has called for Obama’s resignation as well as Holder’s. I fully understand that the NRA will present information to further its viewpoint. As a reputable columnist, I must be open-minded.

What should we believe? More important, what should we do? U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, have been appointed to investigate the alleged cover-up. We must contact our respective representative(s) and senators, and encourage them to wholeheartedly support Issa and Grassley in their investigation. Hopefully it won’t become a bipartisan debacle.

What do I think? The verdict’s still out on the Obama/BATFE conspiracy, but on the 90 percent of cartel guns coming from licensed U.S. dealers, let’s use a little common sense. Are American gun dealers in the Mexican border states actually capable of supplying 90 percent of the Mexican drug cartel’s fire power? Impossible!

The Mexican drug cartel is huge. It is annually a multi-billion dollar industry. The cartel uses jet cargo planes to transport illegal drugs across the world. Who else uses surplus jet liners to traffic illicit cargo on a world-wide basis? International arms smugglers.

On the Nov, 10 CBS “60 Minutes” broadcast, Michael Braun, former operations chief of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), talked about the gunrunner’s gunrunner, Viktor Bout, aka “Merchant of Death.” Bout had a fleet of 60 cargo planes capable of transporting weapons anywhere in the world.

When the DEA arrested Bout in Bangkok in 2007, Bout had just negotiated a deal with FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). Bout was going to deliver 5,000 fully automatic AK 47s as well as 100 anti-aircraft rockets to the Colombian underworld. Grenades and heavier weapons were also included. A Bout competitor told PBS’s “Frontline” that AK’s were cheap weapons at $55 apiece on the black market. You can’t by a surplus Russian AK for three times this amount in an American gun shop, and if you could, it wouldn’t be fully automatic.

Is Obama’s statement that the cartel gets 90 percent of its guns from U.S. dealers credible? Do cartel agents go into Dave’s Bait & Tackle of Flagstaff, Ariz., for an 870 Remington shotgun and a dozen nightcrawlers? When I was the proprietor of Rog’s Guns & Ammo, a going business (too going in fact), I couldn’t put a fully automatic AK on my shelf if my life depended on it.


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