Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vince Cefalu and Jay Dobyns..MEN OF HONOR

Special Agent Vince Cefalu

Special Agent Jay Dobyn
Vince Cefalu and Jay Dobyns. Men of honor?..Absolutely they are.These are men the American people can rally around.

It has become increasingly clear that the Obama administration is corrupt,not only with the Fast N Furious investigation,but other things
as well.

Here are two fine men who exposed the outrageous corruption of the U.S.Attorney's Office and their own agency as well,The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms of which this writer worked for in the 80's,so I have a very good idea what these two men are saying.

Vince and Jay have since been jacked around by a corrupt administration for speaking out against violations by the  ATF and DOJ that has been going on for sometime.Are they whistle blowers?..Absolutely not.They are in fact two men in federal law enforcement the American people can look up to and say.Hey..Those are the two guys who stood up against corruption for the American people!

Watch the video below of their interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano of Freedom Watch on the Fox News Business Network.

You will see two ATF Special Agents who are honest men who want to play by the rules handed down in the rule of law and not politics.


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