Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Investigation Of Operation Fast & Furious Continues

Many of you read this blog on a daily basis and know how I feel about the criminal activities of the Obama administration!
Operation Fast & Furious is one of those crimes committed by the Obama adminstration.

I do not care how many times we hear Attorney General Eric Holder or Barack Obama say they did not know about this operation,they will not ever convince me that they were not complicit in this criminal act!..Eric Holder is a liar when he sits before our congress and tells them he does not know..Well then if he doesn't then he needed to know..Now he needs to resign!.Eric Holder has shown that he can not control those who work under him in the Department of Justice.Barack Hussien Obama needs to resign as well!..His corruption from day one has been very apparent to the American people and it needs to be stopped!

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered as a result of Eric Holder,The Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms criminal activities!

There is no way on Gods green earth that this operation as they say they planned would ever have worked!.Anyone with half a brain would know this.This operation was designed specifically to draw attention to our gun laws,which I believe are quite adequate!.No sane person can draw any other conclusions on this atrocity committed by our own federal government!

Everyone who read this please contact your congressman ans senators and voice your opinion and disgust at the continued corruption within the Obama administration!

This and all article are dedicated to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

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