Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Presented Bearing their Weapon of Choice

When Mexican authorities capture suspected members of organized crime, they present them to the media in a press conference. The military does it, as well as the federal and municipal police. Along with the suspects, they also present the items they confiscate at the scene, many times it includes weapons, drugs, uniforms and equipment.

There has been times where the suspects are presented while holding the weapons they were found to be in possession, as is the case in this recent picture of two sicarios belonging to La Familia that were captured in the state of Mexico. The men are seen displaying two Glock handguns 9mm and an AK-47 or "cuernos de chivo." They are both wearing polo shirts bearing the insignia of the federal police.
It does not get more incriminating than this and not to mention a safety issue when the ammunition for the weapons is within reach. Such is the process in Mexico, have to love it!
The all time classic.

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