Friday, July 1, 2011

Feds Seek Life Sentence in Border Agent's Death

SAN DIEGO -- Federal prosecutors in San Diego want a Mexican man sentenced to life in prison for striking and killing a Border Patrol agent with a drug-laden Hummer as the officer laid spike strips in an attempt to puncture the vehicle's tires.
A defense attorney is recommending a 40-year prison sentence for Jesus Navarro, saying the smuggler didn't intend to kill the agent, only avoid the spikes.
A judge is scheduled to sentence Navarro Friday morning.
A jury deliberated only two hours during a two-week trial in April before convicting the 25-year-old of second-degree murder and conspiracy to distribute marijuana in the death of Agent Luis Aguilar at a campground in California's Imperial Sand Dunes near the Arizona border in January 2008.

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