Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mexican Drug Cartels Upgrade Weaponry Again

Fresh on the heels of reports that Mexico's drug cartels have been acquiring military-grade weapons from Central America, the Washington Post, believe it or not, has published new information further undercutting the notion that a "lack" of U.S. gun control laws is the cause of problems south of the border.

An article published by the newspaper yesterday says that the cartels have started using armored "assault vehicles" equipped with inch-thick steel plating and bullet-proof glass, gun turrets, firing ports, battering rams, and devices -- like those in James Bond's Aston Martin in Goldfinger -- that spew oil to foil vehicles in pursuit.

The vehicles -- which look like Civil War-era ironclads on wheels -- are called "monstruos," or "monster trucks," which the newspaper characterizes as a cross between a Somali "technical" and something out of a Mad Max movie.

The Post says "Today's competitive crime mafias in Mexico are no longer satisfied with bazookas, rocket-propelled grenades or land mines," and notes that the cartels are also using semi-submersible "narco-submarines" to haul cocaine and ultralight aircraft to drop loads of marijuana.

Surprisingly, the Brady Campaign has not yet issued a joint press release with Mexico President Felipe Calderon, blaming America for producing the pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles that have been modified into the narco-thugs' latest weapons of war. But if they get around to that, perhaps truck dealerships along the southwest border should anticipate a proposal that they report multiple sales of "high capacity" trucks.
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