Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arizona Governor Outraged over Border Weapons Report

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

PHOENIX - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she's outraged over a new congressional report about a border weapons operation.
Federal agents reportedly were told by superiors to stand aside while gun buyers in Arizona walked away with weapons headed for Mexican drug cartels in a risky U.S. law enforcement operation that went out of control.
Operation Fast and Furious was designed to track small-time gun buyers to major weapons traffickers on the Southwest border.
However, hundreds of weapons destined for cartels were purchased in Arizona gun shops.
Brewer says it appears up to 2,000 weapons were illegally purchased in Arizona and resold.
Brewer says the end result appears to have been the arming of violent drug cartels south of the border and the operation may have endangered the lives of innocent people.

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