Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bloody Mexican Gangs Make It 'Official,' with Uniforms, Insignia


There are places in Mexico where residents don't know who the real police are.

Shadowy kidnappers and men committing grisly crimes in broad daylight are often dressed in formal police or military gear, suggesting no difference between the good guys and the bad guys, between the drug cartels and the government trying to stop them.

According to a growing number of reports out of Mexico today, the major drug trafficking operations (DTOs) - like Los Zetas, the Gulf Cartel, La Familia Michoacana and its latest incarnation, Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar), are not only donning uniforms but brandishing insignias, badges, even decals on their vehicles that are indistinguishable from that of the federal or local police forces.

"This has been going on for about five or six years and perhaps even longer - members of Mexican cartels impersonating the cops ... or dressed in some sort of dark, scary uniforms," said Howard Campbell, a professor of anthropology at the University of Texas El Paso.

Fox News 

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